A little about Lauren


After accepting a graduate job in financial services following a business degree at Edinburgh university, I decided to write about my adventures as I transitioned into the working world.

5 years on and although I’ve “graduated” I wouldn’t call myself a “graduate” anymore. I’m currently working as a business manager within the executive office of a FTSE100 company. The hours are long and the work is demanding and challenging but I love it.

I love writing and taking pictures of everything that I do so will continue to keep you posted with my Edinburgh adventures as I progress through the working world.

I’ve studied a post graduate marketing degree in my spare time, worked in both marketing and HR and I’m now learning more about our business, governance and how to operate at a strategic level working as the business manager to one of our chief executive committee members, ensuring that his strategic projects and deliverables are all achieved.

My favourite part of the role is the networking. It’s my job to know everyone and know everything that’s happening in the business so that I can keep things ticking over whilst the executive committee focus on strategic thinking. I’m a real people person and quite creative with everything that I do, so this part of the role really suits me.

Outside of work I’m either at the gym, socialising with friends or working with charity. I’m focused on early careers and helping to enable young people find a positive destination after work. I’ve been working with several charities through work and I’m currently looking to start working with local Edinburgh charities in this space outside of work. I’ve also helped a lot of friends and family with CVs, job interviews and preparing for the working world. I’m no expert, but it’s something I feel strongly about and one of the reasons I wanted to work with the executives in our company and also within HR.

My passions are writing, marketing and illustration and if I’m not doodling all over my notebook then I’m blogging or taking pictures of everything that I do. I hope you’ll find my adventures interesting and exciting and enjoy reading about my life as a graduate girl in Edinburgh.


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