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Touring the Vatican with The Roman Guy

As part of a fantastic weekend in Rome, my best friend and I decided to tour the Vatican. Neither of us had ever been and as it was my first trip to Rome, i wanted to really experience the culture and history. I knew I wanted to learn all about the Sistine chapel, the Basilica and the history of the church in the Vatican and with this in mind, it was an easy choice to select a tour guide – The Roman Guy.

The Roman Guy are a small tour company offering high quality, personal and professional tours across Italy. The tours take the trouble out of learning about Italy and the company lived up to their motto “Taking Care Of Everything”.

It was easy and affordable to organise my Roman Guy tour and Kirsty and I opted for the private Vatican tour. There are a range of exciting tours advertised on The Roman Guy website though so I’d encourage you to browse before you book.

Kirsty and I headed to the Vatican at 7.30am for our 7.45 tour. When we booked online, The Roman Guy provided simple directions to help us find the meeting point – a quaint cafe across from the entrance. When we arrived I was starving but the cafe were just opening up. As I quickly learned, nothing happens on time in Italy and the romans are  relaxed people. The cafe owners may have taken their time placing chairs and tables outside before letting me in to buy some breakfast and a cappuccino but the delicious chicken wrap and authentic Italian coffee were worth the wait.

Fed and watered, Kirsty and I met with Jowita our beautiful and friendly polish tour guide. She was young and really relaxed and Kirsty and I knew immediately that we’d enjoy the tour! We were each given a headset to listen to Jowita as we walked through the museum and we began our 3 hour tour…

You will notice I don’t have any photos of the art from inside the Sistine chapel. Photos aren’t allowed and neither are tour guides, as everyone needs to be silent in the chapel. Jowita told us all about the art before we entered and I can’t put into words how majestic it was. And I couldn’t believe it took Michael Angelo only 4 years to paint the fresco (a painting created with plaster paint). The ceiling depicts images from the Old Testament and although I’m not religious, I really enjoyed the story telling and the imagery.

I can’t recommend a tour of the Vatican enough. It was the real highlight of my holiday weekend in Rome and I don’t think it would have been the same had we not had an expert tour. I felt like I took a trip back in time and when I return to Rome I hope The Roman Guy will be there to show me more amazing cultural and historical treasures. 

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