What I ate

Taisteal Stockbridge

For our Fridate this week, we headed to Stockbridge’s newest restaurant Taisteal. The Field Grill House has rebranded and on Friday we took a journey east with their Asian inspired menu.

After our prosecco and a pint (our not so traditional aperitif) we were gifted some complimentary butter popcorn. So tasty and moreish that it was hard not to fill up before our starter.

Our waiter recommended a delicious white wine but after my second glass, I realised I should have asked how strong it was when we ordered. It didn’t taste strong but the wine and the prosecco might have gone to my head a little. Thankfully, we were treated to some freshly baked sourdough with homemade herb butter before our starter arrived!

To begin our meal, I decided on the pan seared scallops with satay sauce and black pudding. The salty pudding with the sweet satay sauce perfectly complemented the buttery scallops. The portion was hearty but not heavy and I’d definitely recommend.

For my main I opted for the cod with curried cauliflower fritter and mussels to continue my Thai spiced menu. The curry was light with a fragrant spice but the mussels really finished the dish for me. I loved the combination of seafood flavours and the portion was the perfect size.

I’d definitely return to Taisteal and I know that they offer a fantastic two course menu for £10 in the early evening which I’ll make sure to try for a midweek treat.

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